Actual useful about me

Hi there! I’m Cate and you’re a babe. Full time college student and complainer, part time food service worker. I used to be great at blogging and now I just steal photos of pretty stuff from weheartit. I’m kind of a hot mess 24/7/365 but I’ve come to terms with it. Anxiety disorder, depression, recovering ED. I’m a ball of fun.

I am a big fan of: christmas lights, coffee, writing (when inspiration allows), reading, comedy, baking cupcakes, falling in love with boys, bad movies and tv, running, bad pop music, fashion and costume design, crying over disney movies, crying over boybands, crying over everything all the time always, clothes, Tina Fey, glitter, and bagels

Look how good I looked this one time that I spent like 80 years on my hair and makeup: